Lumi (gordianaut) (lumin_esc) wrote,
Lumi (gordianaut)

sfaljsfalksjf;alk argh!

This is the last thing that should be keeping me up at 4am, but. Fuck you iTunes! Everything about you infuriates me. Even the iTunes Music Store.

SOMEHOW, fucking bullshit this band that I like a lot, Four Tet, assraped one of their best songs before putting it on the iTunes Music Store. The song is Unspoken on the album Rounds. I god damn paid $1 for the song that I ALREADY OWNED ON CD just so I could have the privilege of paying ANOTHER $1 to make it into a fucking ringtone so my phone doesn't sound like every other asshole's phone out there, only to find out that it's a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SONG! Holy shit what the fuck!

Okay, I'm sure that it's the band's fault somehow, but. Now I'd have to jump through hoops to get my $1 back which is a tremendous waste of time for me and the Apple company. It's just a ringtone, you greedy fucks. It should cost me neither time nor money.

*fume fume fume smash destroy*

Tags: fucking bullshit itunes, i fucking hate you itunes
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