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Quick update for you all?

This year, work and school have been... unique. I'm coming up on finals, next week, which will bring to a close what is essentially a Monday-Thursday school week crunched in with 40+ hours at my day job. I don't know how I managed to keep up with it all and still maintain a decent GPA. Work has also been muy loco, and the project I've been assigned to has been rough going... I survived another round of layoffs, though, and while I was conservative with my annual self-assessment, it looks like my boss still really likes me.

It hasn't been all work and no play, but it has been a lot of of the former. My badass girlfriend (she does have an LJ, in case some of you don't know it: bastekk) and I have attempted to continue our Californian adventures despite our busy schedules. She's carried a full load of credits in school, plus started work as a professional costumer... and a really talented one. Not only is she god damned gorgeous, but that woman is sharp. Earlier this year, after we installed upgraded brakes on my car together, she fixed the convertible frame while I ran some new gauges. All that, as they say, and a bag of ability-to-proficiently-think-in-abstracts. O hay, on the subject of my project car -- I'll probably write another entry about it, and just filter it to people who are into cars.

This January, she and I will be driving halfway across the country so vulgaris, an awesome and dear friend, can adopt the dog Bastek is fostering. I'll miss Dutch like a limb, but I know he'll be really happy with her and her boyfriend. I've wanted to meet Wez for hella days1 anyway, and what better place than Nebraska2? Don't answer that.

Last weekend I went to a random house party; the first in a long time (that wasn't held in my own house). It was so spur-of-the-moment, I didn't even meet (or discover the identities of) the hosts. XD I haven't been all that social for a while, so it was fun to bump into all the people I haven't seen in ages, even if I was a bit too occupied to make any new acquaintances.

What else. Um. I haven't spun records in a long time, but my homeboyosaurus dj_mixer (more like homosaurus) and I have always been awesome at tag-teaming. He has a slot at the FC dance (I was too lazy to sign up, but I do fancy myself as a bit of a pro), and he offered to split it with me. Maybe I will spin at FC if the urge strikes. I do my best DJing when tipsy and armed with new music that I'm enthusiastic about; tipsy is easily enough achieved, but precious few new records have impressed me, lately. I may swing by a record store this weekend and see if anything jumps out at me.

1I did not just say "hella days"
2I have an irrational dislike of Nebraska
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daily altruisms

Go vote today, and for you Californians, remember NO on 8. And while I'm at it --

  • Please clearly communicate your position on organ donation to your family. It doesn't matter what your driver's license says; it's ultimately your family's choice when you die, and a few words to make your position known now could save another (maybe more than one) life.

  • Women younger than 26 who have had or plan to have sex: please consider getting the HPV vaccine. Even uninsured, $375 is a bargain for all the prevention (e.g. most cervical cancers) it buys you.

  • Take a moment to bask in the astounding improbability and wonder of the experience of being alive and aware, and resolve to give someone important to you a good slap, laugh, or fuck.
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aural spit-take

Have you ever picked up a glass of 7up and expected it to be water? I was just listening to my music on shuffle, and the first couple of seconds made me think a new track was Neubauten's song Wuste.

Whoops, it was BT's Dreaming.

On a mildly related note, this weekend I discovered that Covenant's Flux samples Autechre's song Clipper. I've loved both for a long time, but I just never realized.
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Okay, it's taken me the majority of my life to figure this one out:

"Big & Tall" really means "Thick"

Where in the shit do I go to find clothes that actually fit me? Why can people four times as wide as a nominally healthy person find clothes easier than someone four inches taller than average?
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wow, i'm talky tonight

I slept well last night, got errands done today, and am making good progress on the homework I need to have done by the end of the weekend. I'm missing a bitchin' party tonight (happy birthday Jag + Rachel), but I have to admit: it's nice to have some free time. I can do things like listen to music.

The (re)discovery of this evening is Last.fm. This site is fucking awesome. Does anyone else use it?
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one crashing chord

... when we are dancing we are not aiming to arrive at a particular place on the floor as in a journey. When we dance, the journey itself is the point, as when we play music the playing itself is the point.
--Alan Watts

Probably Rev. Watts' most well known quote, and not exactly an arcane one. But the most important ones rarely are.
i got some cat on me


Last weekend Bastek and I totally went to Fort Bragg. We will eventually see every mile of coast in California. The beach there was totally saturated with sea glass, check it out:

Dutch came with us. He tends to make himself comfortable wherever. X) Pit Bulls are constantly leaning on you, which is tres cute. I swear he's my canine doppleganger; big head, bright blue eyes, and has no idea what's going on, ever.

Also here is a delicious glass of tea that an equally delicious Bastek ordered at an otherwise mediocre restaurant at the harbor.
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Len Cave ain't got nothin' on Igor!

Protip: Miatas need the anti-gravity module installed before they can embark on journeys through the cosmos. Until then: keep the sticky side planted firmly, at least two wheels at a time.