lumin_esc's Journal

Lumi (gordianaut)
SF Bay Area
"Eternity is in love with the productions of time." -- William Blake, a swell guy
(don't call it) idm, 80's music, abnormal psychology, abrasions, aesthetic self-renewal, andrew sega, anthropomorphics, apoptygma berzerk, babylon fading, blood, blue star acid, born lever pullers, breakbeat, classic goa, classic japanese sports cars, copulation, culture jamming, dancing galaxy, de/vision, drug-induced masturbatory acts, ebm, erotica, extreme color temperature, floor essence, fluorescence, fm_prog.exe, forced induction, fuck rumsfeld, furry fandom, garmarna, gave me kitty, go bitches!, goth, grommets, growth, gödel escher bach, ha ha only serious, headphones, house of q, icon of coil, inkfox, interdigitation, intoxication, iris, jibbajabba, jinba ittai, just one fix, kraftwerk, laughing uncontrollably, look a dragonfly!, louis vuitton monkey, lukasz banach, man with no name, mazdaspeed, miatas, michael kinsley, mochi, moderation-excess oscillation, monochromaticity, motorcycling, negativland, nice signal asshole!, not paying for dammit, number theory, o viridissima virga, obscenities, obscurities, operation ivy, otto's journey, pancreas rancher, patterns, playa dreams, porsche, port rhombus, powernoise, punk rock, pure electronic modern electronics, purgatory, rivetheads, rx-7, seabound, serrations, silence, single malt scotch, sleeping in the shower, sonoluminescence, spinning vinyl, stroopwafels, synaesthesia, tb-303, tenzin gyatso, the all-caps contingent, the famous ohp competition, the occult, tiny net, unconventional clothing, underworld, universal media netweb, wild irish rose, writing systems, yellow submarine, µ-ziq